Electronic Arts and developer Lightspeed Studios released Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends Mobile. It’s free-to-play on Android and iOS mobile devices. Recommended devices include iPhone 11 or Android 11.

Apex Legends Mobile does not feature cross-play with the PC or console versions. The game has been redesigned specifically for mobile players, while featuring most of the legends, maps, and modes of the original game.

The mobile version features the eight original launch-day legends, plus Octane and the new legend, Fade.

Fade uses his tech suit to briefly travel back in time, warping him to a previous location, or forward, granting him a burst of speed. His ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, freezes everyone in an area, where they’re unable to deal or receive damage.

Legends can play standard 60-player Battle Royale, single team-vs-team Arena matches, or a new Team Deathmatch mode. Team Deathmatch features two teams of six legends each, with respawning.

The first season for Apex Legends Mobile is called Prime Time, and includes the first purchasable battle pass. Battle passes can be bought with in-game Apex Coins to unlock cosmetic goodies throughout the season. Like every other Battle Royale, rewards are retroactively rewarded if your purchase the pass later in the season. But you only have until the season ends to unlock them.

Apex Legends is also available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. It’s rated T for Teen.

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