Marvel, along with developers Nuverse and Second Dinner, have announced Marvel Snap, a digital collectible card game coming soon to PC and mobile devices. Watch the lengthy announcement video, anchored by former Hearthstone director (a very successful digital CCG) Ben Brode, above.

From what I can tell from the video, the gameplay is similar to physical card game Smash Up. In that game players take turns playing cards and competing for bases. Each character card is worth a certain amount of power, and when the total power of all cards reaches a base’s threshold, that base is rewarded to whomever has the most power there.

Marvel Snap includes some unique features, however. Players are able to build their own decks from the full suite of Marvel heroes, including multiverse variants with different art styles. A total of 12-card decks are used, with each card a unique character. Turns are played simultaneously and games last only a few minutes.

Reddit has compiled a list that includes nearly 150 confirmed cards so far.

No release date has been announced. Marvel Snap is coming to mobile and PC and will be free-to-play. Android mobile users can sign up for the closed beta, which just started. Progress made during the test will not be reset.

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