As announced during the Indie World Showcase, puzzle strategy game Mini Motorways is now available on the Nintendo eShop on Switch ($14.99).

Mini Motorways is a follow-up to indie developer Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro. In an overhead city map, players must draw roads to match color-coded buildings and cars before time runs out. As routes are connected, more time is added. New buildings will appear randomly as the level progresses, demanding bigger traffic grids.

Special road upgrades can be used to help direct the flow of traffic, such as roundabouts, traffic lights, and bridges.

The game features a chillaxing soundtrack by Disasterpeace, known for the Fez soundtrack.

The Switch version arrives alongside the Night Lights update, adding a contrasting night mode with little headlights. Two new maps have also been added: Warsaw, the largest city in Poland, and the Thai city Chiang Mai.

Mini Motorways is also available on PC (Steam) and Apple Arcade. Steam players can enjoy cloud syncing between the Steam version and the Switch version, though it only works one way from Steam to Switch.

Mini Motorways is rated E for Everyone.

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