Another Nintendo Indie World Showcase means another 20 indie game announcements for Switch. The May 2022 edition brings creature farming game Ooblets, hack and slash sci-fi RPG Batora: Lost Haven, and tactical card battler Wildfrost.

Fans of old-school 2D platformers should add ElecHead to their wishlist. The little robot can use his electrified head to survive obstacles. The game was designed by a single person, Nama Takahashi, as part of a school project. ElecHead is releasing later this summer.

Soundfall combines loot-filled dungeon crawling with rhythm-based action. Up to four players can rock out together in local and online multiplayer, through over 140 songs. Soundfall also launched this week!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a strategy game using silly wobble-physics when armies clash — and flail. Over 100 units are available, or you can make your own. It’s coming later this summer.

Gunbrella is a 2D action-adventure in a gritty world of ghouls and cultists. We Are OFK is an animated narrative series of an indie pop band in Los Angeles. Stilt is an adventure-puzzle game set in the dark abyss of the ocean. And draw roads and redesign cities with Mini Motorways.

“Nintendo Switch continues to be a premier destination for players to experience a diverse array of imaginative and breathtaking games, thanks to the passionate work of our dedicated independent developers,” said Steve Singer, Senior VP, Nintendo. “With today’s look at some of the indie games in store for 2022 and beyond, Nintendo Switch owners have a packed lineup of remarkable titles they can look forward to playing anytime, anywhere.”

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