Pokémon Unite’s next big event is just around the corner. The Holiday Festivities event runs December 15 to January 16, 2022, adding new Pokémon, outfits, challenges, and a snow-filled quick match battle map.

Tsareena will kick things off a week early. The kick-happy, melee All-Rounder will be available beginning December 9. Best of all, her Unite license is completely free until the end of the year!

Dragonite, the original Dragon-type Pokémon and a popular fan-favorite, will appear as an in-game Unite license on December 20th. Dragonite joins as another melee All-Rounder, wielding his bulky draconic might.

Like the Halloween event, the Holiday event will feature a festive makeover in a 4v4 quick battle map. This time Shivre City gets the holiday treatment, becoming Snowball Battle. During these matches, knocked out Pokémon are turned into snowmen and given unique moves and poses. A wild Delibird can grant a one-time battle item that replaces your current battle item, and the Avalugg in the center of the arena has been replaced with Articuno.

The new challenges are arranged as Christmas lights in the lobby. Players can complete challenges and collect snowflakes from Snowball Battle to earn rewards.

For extra rewards, be sure to log in between December 24 and January 1, 2022. Each day will feature a prize box with coins, tickets, and item enhancers. An extra-special prize box is available only on New Year’s Day, granting one of four exclusive Trainer fashion items.

The holiday event will end January 16, 2022. Pokémon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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