Music-streaming service Spotify has partnered with popular virtual metaverse, Roblox, to launch Spotify Island. With Spotify Island, Spotify becomes the first music-streaming brand to host a corner of the Roblox world.

In Spotify Island, players and artists can hang out together, complete quests, create music, and access exclusive content. Visitors can make their own music with Soundtrap stations, earn points to climb the charts, and collect heart-shaped “Like” icons in exchange for merch.

Spotify Island also acts as a hub for other themed islands that will come and go throughout the year. The first themed island will be K-Park, with content themed around the K-Pop genre, including artists Stray Kids and Sunmi. K-Park will launch later this spring.

Spotify pledges that a portion of sales made via Spotify Island will go directly to the artists themselves.

Roblox is available on Windows PC, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Xbox One. It’s rated E10+ with fantasy violence.

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