Two Point Studios revealed one of the more exotic subjects your students can study in upcoming sim game Two Point Campus. Students will soon be able to take Wizardry classes at Spiffinmore. Eat your heart out, Hogwarts Legacy!

In Wizardry class, students can learn to brew potions in the apothecary, divine secrets from crystal balls, and cast spells in colorful spell duels between students. The more your students practice, the more their magical skills improve. Or they could end up with a pumpkin for a head.

Designed by the same cheeky British developers of Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is a management sim where you run a University. You’ll choose which classes to offer, construct and fill out buildings and classrooms, and ensure your students have a fulfilling experience. And hopefully don’t zap each other with magic spells.

Two Point Campus was recently delayed from its original May release. It’s launching August 9th on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also coming to Game Pass on the same day.

Pre-orders are available now (except on Switch). If you sign up for Two Point Studios’ newsletter, you can receive the Golden Toilet object for free.

Two Point Campus is rated T for Teen.

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