During the Monster Hunter Digital Event that aired this week (above), Capcom revealed a new trailer for the big expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak. The 19-min video also included the storyline, several new monsters, and, most importantly, the release date: June 30 on Switch and PC (Steam).

Like Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, Sunrise is designed for players who have completed the main story line in Monster Hunter Rise.

The hunters will travel to the port of Elgado Outpost, a maritime waystation. It’s home to a new cast of characters and allies, including Admiral Galleus of the Knights of the Royal Order, and the scientist Bahari.

The new hunting region is called The Citadel. The Citadel has a classic medieval look with mountains, forests, and ancient castle ruins in the middle. It’s home to the Three Lords: Garangolm, Lunagaron, and Elder Dragon Malzeno. The crested dino-ape Garangolm is featured heavily in the trailer.

New variants include Blood Orange Bishaten and Astalos. Hunters will need to reach the new level of Master Rank to access these more challenging monsters. More details on new monsters and armor will be revealed later.

To help current players prepare for Sunbreak, they can craft new armor sets and weapons for Monster Hunter Rise, such as the Defender weapons and Black Belt armor.

In addition to the standard edition, a Deluxe Edition includes bonus layered armor sets, gestures, and hairstyles. Newcomers will be able to purchase Rise and Sunbreak together in both phsycial and digital versions for Switch (digital-only for PC). Pre-order bonuses include the Loyal Dog and Striped Cat layered armor for the Palamute and Palico.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will release on June 30 on Switch and PC. It’s rated T for Teen.

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