The big end of year sale for PC gaming has arrived. The Steam Winter Sale runs now through January 5, 2022, and includes significant discounts on games that released just a few months ago.

Highlights from this year’s crop includes Deathloop ($29.99, 50% off), Battlefield 2042 ($39.59, 34% off), New World ($29.99, 25% off), Inscryption ($15.99, 20% off), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy ($39.99, 35% off), and Jurassic World Evolution 2 ($41.99, 30% off). Remember kids, don’t buy new games! They’ll be on sale soon enough.

We would also recommend Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition ($24.99, 50% off), Hades ($16.24, 35% off), Planet Zoo ($11.24, 75% off), Solasta: Crown of the Magister ($19.99, 50% off), Red Dead Redemption 2 ($29.99, 50% off), recent Game of the Year winner at The Game Awards, It takes Two ($19.99, 50% off).

The Winter Sale also features the Steam Awards, where players can vote for their favorite games from the listed nominees. Categories include Better with Friends, Labor of Love, Most Innovative Gameplay, and Best Game You Suck At.

I’m honestly shocked that both Cyberpunk 2077 and New World, both heavily criticized games, are nominees for Game of the Year.

You can also claim a free sticker, an animated emoji used while chatting. More stickers, as well as game-related backgrounds, frames and profiles, can be purchased using Steam points, which are earned through buying games on Steam. Which you’ll be doing because it’s a big sale!

The Steam Winter Sale ends January 5, 2022.

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