Big Blue Bubble has announced a multiplayer party game spin-off of the popular My Singing Monsters mobile gaming series. My Singing Monsters Playground is launching on Steam PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on November 9, for $39.99.

My Singing Monsters Playground let’s players take control of seven playable monsters: Mammott, Furcorn, Pom Pom, Enbrat, Pango, Congle, and Kayna. Each monster can unlock three different costumes through gameplay.

Monsters can explore 3D islands and play more than 20 different mini-games. Games appear heavily inspired by the Mario Party series. Game modes include gauntlet, party tournament, or free play, and can be played solo or via split-screen local multiplayer with up to four players.

The kid friendly mobile game My Singing Monsters boasts over 100 million fans as players feed and breed cute Muppet-like monsters that sing in different harmonies. The series has expanded into a multimedia empire.

My Singing Monsters Playground will be available digitally on November 9, as well as a physical edition on Nintendo Switch (by publisher Sold Out). It’s rated E for Everyone.

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