During PAX West 2021 indie studio Poorly Timed Games announced their debut game, Grim Tranquility, a tactical RPG coming early next year to Steam.

Grim Tranquility is a sci-fi, roguelite, tactics-based RPG, which could also be a list of my favorite genre terms. It’s set in the increasingly believable future where Earth has been left uninhabitable, and humanity must colonize other planets. These planets aren’t exactly welcoming with open arms.

Players will recruit teammates with different skills to battle alien creatures (aren’t we the aliens?), make important narrative choices, and face off against an evil empire.  The story tackles serious social and political themes such as the apocalyptic climate crisis and political corruption that extends far beyond our own backwater planet.

Poorly Timed Games was founded by veteran developer Chris Wright with an emphasis on diversity. The trailer boldly claims they are “50,000 times more queer than any [developer] you know.”

“My goal has always been to create a skilled and diverse team that is representative of today’s culture. There are so many talented non cis game developers and it’s important that we establish our voice in this multi-billion dollar industry,” said Wright. “With Grim Tranquility, our top priority was to deliver engaging gameplay and narrative with the freedom to address issues that matter to us like climate change and diversity set in an engaging sci-fi themed dystopian future.”

Grim Tranquility will release in Early 2022 on PC.

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