Who knew someday that there would be games related to the investing domain? However, not only do we have them now, but they are said to be really outstanding to enhance the investment strategy. Let’s see which market games are the talk of the town in the market currently.

Investing games are a great way to develop investment management. By that, we don’t mean best-selling PC games, but games with actual investment and trading ambiance.

Gone are the days of conventional market strategies. In this digital era, investing in games is efficient to enhance money-making skills in the market.

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1. Virtual Trading

Designed for beginners, the stock trainer is a suitable game for those who want to strengthen their roots of stock investment. Stock Trainer holds a real market stimulator for trading.

You can choose the stock exchange as per your preferred region. That’s because it has access to more than 20 stock markets worldwide. It holds powerful features where it can suggest appropriate markets for investment. It also provides relevant news for company trading, stop-loss, and limit order.

 2. Stocks and Forex Trading Game

The Stocks and Forex Trading Game is perfect for those who want to start from the first step. The game will help you comprehend currency rate fluctuations, their influence, and render good strategies. The application tests your learnings later with quizzes and a forex stock market simulator.

Speaking of forex trading, it takes more than just games to master the domain. Trading forex online requires names like FxForex.com to get the best brokers for earning profit. As the industry is a bit risky with the capital being at stake, it’s best to get professional help along with the trading games.

sponsored stock market currency trading training

3. The Game of Stocks

The Game of Stocks is a stock market simulator game (US-based). Here, you will get around $22,000 with the freedom to buy and sell stocks. Keep note that it’s conventional, so the market will be open from Monday to Friday. Weekends will be off as the markets stay closed during Saturdays and Sundays.

The best thing about this game is that it’s authentic. You will be able to see the price of actual stock companies. It will provide you with news related to finance.

4. Forex 4 Beginners

As per BIS’s 2019 triennial survey, forex trading markets touched $6.6 trillion/day in 2019 April. With such stats, learning forex trading is relevant. Forex 4 Beginners, as the name signifies, is a perfect game for beginners. It holds various strategies to ace the foreign exchange industry. It offers quizzes and lectures related to forex along with the stepwise master class for trading tactics. The lectures are available in understandable language with the option of offline reading.

5. Wall Street Survivor

Wall Street Survivor is a game that blends missions with learning. In general terms, it holds the mission of step-by-step learning unless the challenges are ultimately completed. After learning, the app lets you compete with noobs and pros from the domain. As a reward, it provides badges for mission completion, and skill build-up too.

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