Good news G1 fans: After much teasing and waiting, Blastoise has finally arrived in Pokémon Unite. Its purchasable for 8,000 Aeos Coins. With Charizard and Venusar in the game at launch, all three Kanto starters can now battle together (or against each other) in the online MOBA.

Blastoise is the 3rd post-launch Pokémon (after Gardevoir and Blissey) and the 23rd Pokémon added to Unite overall. Blastoise joins the squad as a bulky Defender, with higher endurance and above average support. Like the other starters, Blastoise is the third evolution of the Squirtle line. Players start as Squirtle at level 1, then evolving to Wartortle at 5 and finally Blastoise at 9, making you work to reach your full potential.

Three-step evolution Pokémon are generally considered weaker than others in Unite due to falling behind in the early game. However, Blastoise excels at moving opponents around using moves like Surf, Water Spout, and Hydro Pump. Its Unite move, Hydro Typhoon, attacks everyone in a large area around it while also granting the user a shield.

Long-time fans will be pleased to know that the water moves originate from its cannons, not from its mouth. It’s the little things in life.

As previously announced, Mamoswine and Sylveon are the next Pokémon coming to Unite. Unite is available on switch, and launching September 22 on mobile. It’s rated E10+.

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