MOBAs are all about their huge roster of characters, yet Pokémon Unite launched with only 20 playable Pokémon (now 21 with Gardevoir). With nearly 900 Pokémon to choose from, Unite as a vast assortment of awesome Pokémon to draw from.

Unite already includes some of the most popular Pokémon around such as Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, and Snorlax, and we’ve listed ten more we’d love to see added sooner rather than later.


Role: Attacker

One of our darkhorse favorites in the Pokkén Tournamnet fighting game series is Chandelure, a Ghost/Fire type Pokémon. In Unite Chandelure would make an awesome three-evolution ranged Attacker, burning targets from afar and cursing them with harsh debuffs. Plus, who doesn’t want to play as an animated, ghostly chandelier?


Role: Support

While Chansey may be the obvious pick for a new Support Pokémon, we’re going with Delibird, who carries a sack and hands out presents like Santa. Throwing around presents on the battlefield to heal its allies (and harm enemies) would make a for uniquely satisfying supporter.


Role: Multiple!

Eevee’s large number of multiple evolutions could lead to a unique multi-class Pokémon Unite. How cool would it be if we could choose its final evolution upon reaching level 6 or 10, adapting to the needs of our team and the enemy’s composition? It might be asking for too much to wrap all eight of the “eeveelutions” into a single playable character, but it we think the popular evolution Pokémon deserves no less.


Role: All-Rounder

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a good indicator of which Pokémon make great fighters. Case in point: Incineroar, a powerful cat-like Fire/Dark Pokémon who unleashes grandiose wrestling moves on its opponents. The Gen 7 starter has balanced stats, three evolutions, and a varied moveset that includes fire, dark, fighting, and normal moves


Role: Support

We already have two powerful electric-wielders with Pikachu and Zeraora, but what about an Electric Support Pokémon? Magneton could wield its Electric and Steel abilities to paralyze, blind, and otherwise disable enemies, making it a powerful threat in teamfights, and a great combo with its electric type brethren. Bonus points if they add the more awesome though well less-know final evolution, Magnezone.



Role: All-Rounder

Mewtwo is easily the most famous Pokémon who’s not yet in Unite. A frequent powerful antagonist, Mewtwo’s power would have to curbed when joining the Unite roster, and that would most likely be reflected in the All-Rounder role, with a special emphasis on disabling an enemy with powerful psychic attacks.


Role: All-Rounder

There are several great dinosaur Pokémon to choose from, but none as awesome as Tyrantrum. Tyrantrum doesn’t have the flashiest or most varied moves, but when you’re a dang T-Rex, you don’t really care. In the All-Rounder role, the Despot Pokémon would excel at charging into enemy ranks with strong physical attacks.



Role: Defender

In Gen 7 Toxapex is an excellent defensive Pokémon, and would make an equally great Defender in Unite. Its passive ability, or perhaps a move, should poison enemy attackers who dare to come too close as per its signature move in the RPG, Baneful Bunker. No one should want to attack this prickly, poisonous Pokémon.


Role: Defender

There are exactly zero playable Pokémon in Unite from Gen 2, despite Gold and Silver widely considered to be one of the best generations of Pokémon games. Although it’s a Psychic type, Wobbuffet could make a hilariously frustrating defender, with a ridiculously huge amount of hit points, and a moveset that focuses on countering enemies and reflecting damage back at them.


Role: Speedster

Another fighter from Pokkémon Tournamnet, Weavile fits the Speadster category perfectly. The pint-size slasher could quickly to close in on enemies and slice them up with her claws, empowered by fast moves and a high critical hit rate.

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