Beloved charity organization Games Done Quick is hosting an all-women speedrunning marathon this weekend. It’s called Flame Fatales, and the live broadcast begins Sunday, August 15, and runs through Saturday, August 21 on the GDQ Twitch channel.

The week long live streaming vent will feature speedruns, competitions, and gaming showcases

Flame Fatales will support Malala Fund, a nonprofit for helping girls go to school around the world by investing in education, amplifying girls’ voices, and advocating for policy changes. As always with GDQ events, viewers can donate to the charity via the GDQ homepage, with one hundred percent of donations going to the charity.

Last year, Games Done Quick hosted the first all-women speedrunning event, Fleet Fatales, and successfully raised over $80,000 for charity. Games include challenging platformers like Celeste and Ninja Gaiden, and big RPGs such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Xenoblade Chronicles. The full schedule of games, runners, and commentators can be found on the GDQ website.

For over a decade Games Done Quick has raised over $30 million for charities around the world, including AbleGamers, Doctors Without Borders, and Prevent Cancer Foundation, while entertaining us with incredibly talented speedrunners and master gameplays.

Flame Fatales 2o21 broadcast begins August 15.

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