Gardevoir has been added to Pokémon Unite, making it the 21st playable Pokémon in the free-to-play, multiplayer arena brawler. Gardevoir can be purchased for 8,000 Aeos coins (in-game currency) or with 460 Aeos Gems, which cost about $8. An optional fashionable style holowear, which grants Gardevoir a cute sunhat, is available to purchase for 350 Aeos Gems.

In Unite, Gardevoir is a ranged attacker with excellent offense but low defense. Gardevoir starts out even weaker in the beginning due to starting as Ralts before evolving into Kirlia at level 6, then finally Gardevoir at level 10.

Gardevoir posses several ranged psychic moves such as Psyshock and Psychic, which can deal extra damage if they nail their targets. Moonblast can help Gardevoir retain distance and shut down enemies. The Unite move is Fairy Singularity, which creates a vortex that initially draws enemies close, then pushes them away, perfect for big team fights.

Gardevoir was originally introduced in Gen 3 as a Psychic type, then later given the dual typing of Psychic/Fairy. Gardevoir is a cool Pokémon and a great addition, though Unite wasn’t exactly in desperate need of more offensive powerhouses. Let’s get some more defenders and support Pokémon, please!

The next post-launch Pokémon should be Blastoise, as previously announced with Gardevoir, and a third mystery Pokémon. Blastoise would join Charizard and Venusar to complete the Gen 1 starters in Unite.

Pokémon Unite is free-to-download on Nintendo Switch, and launching on mobile devices this September.

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