ReedPop announced that attendees at the upcoming PAX West 2021 gaming convention will now need to show proof of Covid-19 vaccine, or a negative Covid-19 test, prior to entry. Vaccine or negative proof will need to be verified with a government-issued ID.

“When PAX West 2021 badges were announced, the PAX Team made the decision to communicate what we could commit to at that time, rather than what we were working toward,” states Kyle Marsden-Kish, global gaming event director, ReedPop. “While we let the community know the health and safety guidelines could evolve, we wanted to get it right and we feel confident that verification of fully vaccination or negative test, along with continued face covering requirements for everyone, will create an environment that promotes the wellbeing of our PAX community.”

PAX West 2021, which takes place Sept. 3-6 in Seattle, WA, will be the first in-person PAX convention since PAX East 2020 in February 2020, before pandemic restrictions were put in place.

As previously announced, PAX West 2021 will feature reduced capacity compared to previous years, though ReedPop hasn’t given firm details on numbers. Floor layouts have been adjusted to promote physical distancing, and everyone will be required to wear a face mask at all times.

PAX conventions are no stranger to outbreaks, most infamously with the Swine Flu in 2009. It’s become such a petri dish of germs that getting sick after PAX is called PAX Pox. It remains to be seen how effective these safety measures will be, but ReedPop is hoping to fire up attendance regardless. The previously sold-out 4-day badges ($230) are available again. Single day badges are still available.

PAX West 2021 takes place Sept. 3-6 in Seattle.

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