No More Robots, the UK-based publisher known for Descenders and Hypnospace Outlaw, has announced a zoo management game, Let’s Build a Zoo, launching later this summer on Steam PC.

Developed by Springloaded, Let’s Build a Zoo includes the usual checklist of a management game: build enclosures, stock them with animals, hire staff, customize your pathways and decorations, and keep everything happy.

If importing and breeding animals isn’t enough, you can tamper with a little DNA splicing. There are no limits when it comes to your mad scientist plans, creating Crocoducks, Pandowls, or Giraffephants. Thanks to the no limits splicing, over 300,000 animal combinations can be created.

If that’s still enough, you can really go off the deep end. As teased at the end of the announcement trailer, you can turn your entire zoo into a meat factory. The game includes a morality system, allowing you to create a happy, healthy animal sanctuary, or a corporate nightmare world.

Let’s Build a Zoo is releasing this summer on Steam. A closed beta will be available “very soon.”

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