The Academy Awards aren’t typical relevant to video games, but that may be changing. During last night’s 93rd Academy Awards, Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends) was awarded the Best Documentary Short award for Colette.

Colette, directed by Anthony Giacchino, is an emotional story about one of the last living members of the French Resistance, the 90-year old Colette Marin-Catherine, who travels to Germany for the first time since the war over 70 years ago. The documentary original appeared in the Gallery mode for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond as an immersive VR sequence.

Colette was released in theaters and festivals ahead of its inclusion in the game, such as the St. Louis International Film Festival, winning several awards and qualifying it for an Academy Award nomination.

“We could not be more proud of Anthony Giacchino and the team’s work in bringing Colette’s story to life as part of Medal of Honor, a video game franchise rooted in history and the retelling of veterans’ stories to generations for years to come,” said Peter Hirschmann, Creative Director, Respawn Entertainment. “As we continue to take steps towards further legitimizing the creativity and passion of those in the games industry, we hope this is the first of many Oscars for video game companies who have shown time and time again how powerful and impactful storytelling through this interactive medium can be.”

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is available on Steam and Oculus Rift. Respawn Entertainment is a division of Electronic Arts.

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