During April’s Monster Hunter Digital Event, Capcom showcased a new trailer for upcoming sequel Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, along with our first look at gameplay and combat.

The trailer revealed more of the story in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Like the first game, you play as a rider, rather than a hunter, armed with a Kinship Stone that allows you to bond with monsters. You become bonded with a Razewing Ratha, a unique and rare Rathalos that is born without wings. Lila and Reverto return from the original game, and soon join forces with the protagonist against a group of hunters and riders bent on capturing Razewing Ratha.

The event also showcased gameplay for Monster Hunter Stories 2, including an overhaul to the turn-based combat system. The three types of Power, Speed, and Technical return, but Riders must now also utilize the correct weapon type, element, and skills. Riders can now target specific body parts of enemy monsters to break them, stunning the monster in its tracks. The hero can also join forces with other Riders and their monsters for epic foursome battle combinations.

If you own save data for Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll be able to unlock the Kamura outfit for your Rider. Likewise, you can unlock the Rider outfit in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is launching July 9 on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, with Standard and Deluxe Editions (includes costumes and digital sticker sets). It’s rated E10+.

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