Square Enix has released a demo for upcoming RPG-shooter Outriders, on PC (Steam, GeForce Now), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Outriders is a co-op, third person, online shooter by People Can Fly (Gears of War: Judgement) and Square Enix External Studios (Just Cause). It takes place in the future, when humanity has left Earth behind to land a colony ship on a new planet, Enoch.

It’s not the most hospitable planet, and during the opening chapter, the protagonist gains supernatural powers to bolster their shooting.

The demo features the entire opening chapter, about three hours of gameplay. All four classes are available to try: Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster.

Although Square Enix has confirmed that Outriders is not a live service game, it does require a constant internet connection, even when playing single player. Co-op supports up to three players with drop in/drop out multiplayer once you finish the prologue. Friends can also play together regardless of platform with full cross-play support.

Should you like the demo, any progress you make will transfer over to the full game when it releases on April 1 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Stadia.

Outriders is rated M for Mature.

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