Despite the divisive reception of the Star Wars prequels, we did get some pretty great Star Wars video games in the 2000s, including first-person, squad-based shooter Republic Commando. Aspyr is bringing an enhanced port of the shooter to Switch and PlayStation 4 on April 6 ($14.99).

“Since its original launch in 2005, Republic Commando continues to be a fan-favorite Star Wars game. We’re honored to be able work with Lucasfilm Games to bring back this beloved moment in franchise history.” said Ted Staloch, Co-founder, Aspyr.

Republic Commando is set during the clone wars. Players take on the roll of an elite clone trooper named Boss, who commands a squad of three other troopers in a special ops unit – Fixer the hacker, Scorch the demolitionist, and Sev the sniper. The squad set Republic Commando apart from other shooters, allowing the player to give commands and orders to the other squad members in the heat of battle.

The Delta Squad travels to familiar locations like Geonosis and Kashyyyk, with the story spanning multiple years of the galaxy-spanning war.

The original game featured a single player campaign as well as multiplayer, but this enhanced version focuses solely on the single player experience, along with modern controls.

Star Wars Republic Commando will launch on April 6. It’s rated T for Teen.

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