Two Point Studios has released the sixth DLC expansion for Two Point Hospitals, and it’s about time. No, literally, it’s called A Stich in Time and it’s all about time travel!

A Stich in Time features three new time-displaced hospital missions, courtesy of Captain Yesterday and his invention, the Yesterizer.

Clockwise features a medieval village in need of medical assistance due to the appearance of time portals. Clockwise-before-Thyme dials the clock back to ancient history with early man, who definitely didn’t have access to robust insurance plans. Once you start building your own time portals you can travel to the future in Clockwise-after-Thyme, a futuristic city besieged by sick people arriving from across the space-time continuum.

The DLC also includes 13 new illnesses like Fossil Eyes, Jester Infection, and Reptile Disfunction, as well as new decorative items, and music tracks.

Two Point Hospital: A Stich in Time is available now on Steam PC for $8.99, with a 10% launch discount through March 2. It’s rated E10+. Two Point Hospital is also available for consoles, with a Jumbo Edition that includes previously released DLC coming next month.

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