We loved Unrailed’s quirky co-op gameplay when we reviewed it last year. Now you can try it yourself for free. During the Steam Weekend Sale (Jan. 19-25), you can download and play Unrailed on Steam for free. It’s also 50% off to purchase the full game so you can keep it after Jan. 25.

In Unrailed it’s you and your partner’s job to guide your train from one side of the randomly generated map to the other. You’ll need to chop wood and break rocks to create tracks, and lay them down for the train. The catch is that once the train starts, it doesn’t stop, leading to a frantic race to collect resources and avoid hazards and dangers like cow herds or thieving bandits.

In between levels you’ll be able to purchase upgrades as well as new train cars that offer various bonuses, like seeing in the dark, emergency brakes, or even transforming part of the train ghostly for easier passage.

The gameplay is designed for two players, but you can also play solo with an AI that you can direct via simple commands.

Unrailed is also available on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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