The original Puzzle Quest series has been dormant for a decade, but a new entry is coming in 2021. Publisher 505 Games has announced Puzzle Quest 3 will release later this year as a multiplatform, free-to-play game.

“After an overwhelming demand from fans over the past decade for the next installment of Puzzle Quest, we’re thrilled to finally reveal the development of Puzzle Quest 3,” said Steve Fawkner, CEO and Creative Lead, Infinity Plus Two. “The vision for this latest project has been years in the making, and like any good Puzzle Quest game, it’s a delicate balance of gameplay, story, and strategic puzzle-solving while introducing something unexpected that will appeal to both old and new fans. We can’t wait to share PQ3.”

The Puzzle Quest series combines classic Match-3 puzzle gameplay with RPG progression and story. Choose a fantasy class with unique abilities that can manipulate certain gems and tokens, unlock new skills, and battle through hordes of enemies with their own abilities.

The genre mix proved popular enough to spawn an expanded sequel and a sci-fi spin-off, followed by licensed free-to-play games using Marvel and Magic: The Gathering.

Puzzle Quest 3 is a return to the series’ roots. It takes place in the fantasy world of the original games, set 500 years after Challenge of the Warlords, featuring more spells, attacks, and head-to-head puzzle battles.

Puzzle Quest 3 will launch later this year on PC and mobile, with “additional platforms to be announced.”

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