During The Game Awards 2020, Studio Wildcard, the developer behind ARK: Survival Evolved, had two major announcements. ARK 2, as well as an all-new animated series, are coming in 2022 – and both feature the likeness and voice talents of Vin Diesel, who’s serving as Executive Producer and “President of Creative Convergence.”

“An immensely talented actor and producer, Vin is also an accomplished gamer who has played 1000’s of hours of ARK: Survival Evolved,” said Doug Kennedy, CEO, Studio Wildcard. “He understands the game intimately and is providing direct feedback to the development process. With last night’s reveal of the ARK sequel and animated TV series, Vin will be involved with each as we look to expand the ARK franchise even further, now and into the future.”

ARK 2 will continue ARK’s story of human evolution amidst an alien world filled with intelligent dinosaurs and other wondrous beasts. Diesel stars as Santiago, a primary protagonist who also stars in the cross-over series ARK: The Animated Series.

In The Animated Series, Australian paleontologist Helena Walker awakens on the ARK, a primeval land populated by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures – including people from throughout Earth’s history.

Two seasons are currently in production, composed of 14 30-minute episodes written by Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis. The star-studded voice cast includes Gerard Butler, Michelle Yeoh, Malcom McDowell, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Jeffrey Wright, and Russell Crowe.

ARK 2 and ARK: The Animated Series are slated to release in 2022. ARK: Survival Evolved launched in Early Access in 2015, and is currently available on PC (Win, Mac, Linux), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and mobile devices (iOS, Android). It’s rated T for Teen.

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