Frontier Developments has announced the fourth DLC pack for Planet Zoo. The Aquatic Pack adds, you guessed it, aquatic animals to the zoo theme park sim, as well as new scenery pieces and a new scenario. It’s out December 8 on Steam ($9.99).

Like the previous DLC packs, the Aquatic Pack adds five new water-dwelling animals:

  • Diamondback Terrapin
  • Dwarf Caiman
  • Giant Otter
  • Grey Seal
  • King Penguin

The DLC pack also adds 170 new scenery objects to help support their new water-loving critters, including waterfalls, murals, animal sculptures, and reflective surfaces. Blueprints are available to instantly drop aquatic-themed content, or build your own using all the pieces provided.

A new timed scenario is also included, taking place in a unique zoo in Oregon set around a drained riverbed. The scenario features lots of elevation and water, and will need to be fixed up and expanded to turn a profit.

The Aquatic Pack will release alongside the 1.4 update for all Planet Zoo players. The free update includes new enrichment items, an underwater feeder, new educator staff, and a new scenario set in the rice terraces of the Philippines.

Planet Zoo is available on Steam PC and is rated E10+. The Aquatic Pack is launching Dec. 8.

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