Larian Studios has released one of the most anticipated RPG sequels of the year, Baldur’s Gate 3, on Steam Early Access, GOG, and Google Stadia, for $59.99.

The Early Access includes the first act of the huge RPG, which is about 25 hours long. Baldur’s Gate 3 is infused with the official Dungeons & Dragons license (Fifth Edition), taking place in the Forgotten Realms of the previous RPGs.

Players can customize their own fantasy hero from 16 races and subclasses and six classes, each with their own subclass options. The story beings with the player character waking up as a captive of the brain-eating Mind Flayers. They escape during an explosive fight, but must contend with being implanted with a Mind Flayer tadpole, giving them new abilities but starting a ticking clock until they transform into a Mind Flayer themselves.

Baldur’s Gate features turn-based tactical combat that should be familiar to fans of Larian’s other big RPG series, Divinity: Original Sin. Like Divinity, Baldur’s Gate also supports up to four player online multiplayer.

According to the Steam Early Access page, Larian Studios expects to keep the RPG in Early Access for at least a year, fixing bugs, making improvements, adding more classes and races, and finishing the campaign with Acts 2 and 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is rated M for Mature.

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