Indie developer The Molasses Flood has announced that Drake Hollow is coming to PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) on October 1. It released last month on Xbox One.

Drake Hollow is described as a “co-op action village-building game.” In our preview, we compared it to Fortnite: Save the World. Drake Hollow takes place in a supernatural world of islands corrupted by an evil blight and monstrous creatures called The Feral. Players will need to scrounge for supplies and build a sustainable village for the Drakes.

Drakes are cute veggie creatures that help construct buildings and bestow buffs. They require food, water, and entertainment, so players will need to keep up with their demand by exploring the world, defeating monsters, and discovering supply caches. They’ll need to return to their village to defend it from The Feral during attacks, and can unlock more advanced buildings and items to craft. Eventually players will find a way to return to their world.

Drake Hollow supports up to four player online co-op.

“Hundreds of thousands of Drake Hollow players on Xbox have had a chance to experience something pretty unique in the world of games: the opportunity to care for something other than yourself,” said Forrest Dowling, CEO and Creative Director for The Molasses Flood. “Our aim was to create a game experience that brims with heart, is both musically and visually enticing, and has at its core rock-solid systems-based gameplay. We hope players find Drake Hollow to be as fun and unique as we designed it to be!”

Drake Hollow will arrive on PC on October 1. It’s available on Xbox One, and also through Xbox Game Pass. It’s rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence.

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