Square Enix has released co-op RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, on PlayStation 4, Switch, and iOS and Android mobile devices. Watch the new launch trailer above.

Crystal Chronicles originally released in 2003 on the Nintendo GameCube, as a local multiplayer spin-off RPG, and spawned several sequels. The Remastered Edition adds online multiplayer with cross-play (while dropping local co-op). Other new features include updated graphics, new soundtrack, English voiceovers, and challenging new endgame dungeons.

Fans of the series will enjoy the new mimic mode. Mimic mode allows players to transform their characters into familiar faces from the serious, such as Layle and Leo.

To help promote multiplayer, Square Enix is offering a rather sweet deal via the Lite edition. The Lite edition is completely free, and provides access to the first three dungeons in both single and multiplayer. However, Lite players can also join multiplayer games with hosts who own the full game, and explore up to 13 dungeons together with only a single copy of the game. Save data will transfer from the Lite edition to the full game.

For an in-depth look at the development of the Remastered Edition, Square Enix released a 19-minute featurette earlier this week.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is available now on PlayStation 4, Switch, and mobile. It’s rated T for Teen with Fantasy Violence and Suggestive Themes.

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