By gamifying learning into daily exercises, Duolingo has become a popular program for learning a new language. A recent study found that using Duolingo for 34 hours was akin to taking a language semester of a University class. Users learned the same proficiency as taking four semesters, in half the time. And way cheaper!

Duolingo is a free mobile language learning program. Users can take 94 different courses for 38 languages, from commonly spoken languages like Spanish and French to rare or endangered languages such as Navajo.

Duolingo teaches via implicit learning, allowing users to discover patterns on their own rather than memorizing rules. Users can also set their language proficiency goals, such as the ability to order from a restaurant. Users engage with daily lessons, earn coins, and unlock new levels by completing bite-sized lessons.

The language app is also available for schools, government, and other educators, using student and teacher accounts to teach lessons and track progress.

Duolingo is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. By purchasing and subscribing to Duolingo Plus you can remove ads, track your progress, and access the game offline.

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