PC digital store GOG.com has launched a Harvest Sale, featuring over 1,500 market fresh games, up to 91% off.

The Harvest Sale also includes free game giveaways and bundles. The first free giveaway is 2001 first person shooter Serious Same: The First Encounter, which is only available until August 26.

For a very solid retro game list, check out the Good Old Games promo, which features 90s PC gaming classics like Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, Myst, Warcraft, X-Com, and King’s Quest. Most are between 50-75% off.

Indie Gems includes Disco Elysium, My Friend Pedro, Frostpunk, Mutant Year Zero, and the SteamWorld series.

The Harvest Sale also launches two special offers. Pre-order real-time strategy Iron Harvest (launching September 1) to get Sudden Strike 4 for free. The second special offer is the Quad Damage Bundle, which includes four DOOM-like indie shooters, Elderborn, Hedon, Nightmare Reaper, and Project Warlock. Each game is on sale, and the bundle offers a further discount.

The GOG Harvest Sale ends August 31. The Quad Damage Bundle is available until September 6, while the Iron Harvest free game offer is good until September 8.

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