Capcom announced the Street Fighter 5 Summer Update via a video presentation. The fifth and final season for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will add five new fighters to the roster, four of which were announced during the video.

Dan Hibiki, last seen in Street Fighter 4, returns with his Saikyo-ryu fighting style and his signature taunt ability. Dan will release this winter.

Rose is another fighter from Street Fighter 4. The fortune teller is armed with tarot cards, and uses them to channel her unique soul power energy. Rose will become available in Spring 2021.

The immortal hermit and martial arts master Oro will be the third character added in the fifth season. Oro is so powerful he limits himself to only using a single arm in battle, and last appeared in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. Oro is due to release in Summer 2021.

Dark horse pick Akira Kazama hasn’t been seen since 1997’s Rival Schools: United by Fate. The pint-sized biker will be making her Street Fighter debut in Summer 2021.

Capcom is keeping the final character under wraps for now, but they’re on the schedule for Fall 2021. In addition to new characters, the fifth season will also add 30 new costumes, and four new stages, including stages themed after Rose and Akira.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition includes all previously released DLC and updates, including over 40 characters, 34 stages, and 200 costumes. The Champion Edition is currently on sale on PlayStation 4 and Steam for 25% off. Street Fighter 5 is rated T for Teen.

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