Most alien invasions involve humanity heroically repelling the invaders. But in Destroy All Humans! you get to play as murderous alien Crypto in a 1950s playground. Destroy All Humans! is launching on PC (Steam, GoG), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 28.

THQ Nordic recently released a new interactive trailer (above). “Interactive” meaning you can make a choice by selecting which short clip to watch next in the video series.

In Destroy All Humans you play as a classic gray alien with advanced technology, a UFO equipped with a death ray, and telekinetic powers, and the freedom to wreck havoc on mankind. Destroy All Humans! is a remake of the original 2005 action game that released on Xbox and PlayStation 2. The remake maintains the same humorous, action-packed gameplay and voice acting while updating combat, Crypto abilities, and overall gameplay.

A free demo is available now on PC, on Steam and GoG.

Destroy All Humans! is launching in a standard edition ($29.99 on PC, $29.99 on consoles) as well as two special editions. The DNA Collector’s Edition includes a Crypto ‘N Cow 9″ figurine, keychain, six lithographs, and a premium box ($149.99). The Crypto-137 Edition includes a large 23″ Crypto figure, a Crypto backpack, and the keychain and lithographs ($399.99).

Destroy All Humans! will be available July 28 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It’s rated T for Teen with Animated Blood, Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Language, Sexual Themes, and Violence.

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