Satisfactory has been available for over a year exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Developer Coffee Stain Studios (Goat Simulator) has brought Satisfactory to Steam, though the first-person building game remains in Early Access. It’s available now for $29.99 and includes cross-play with the Epic Games Store.

Satisfactory is a first-person simulation that features building factories, researching technology, exploring an alien planet, and defending against hostile lifeforms.

Players can utilize jetpacks and vehicles to explore the world, discover mineral deposits, and set up intricate automated factories involving trains, cranes, and conveyor belts. The game supports co-op multiplayer for up to four players to build factories and explore together.

“We’ve been in Early Access on the Epic Games Store for a little over a year now and we’ve reached a point where our conveyor belts are running smooth and our pipes are longer and harder than ever before. We are ready for Steam.” said Jace Varlet, Community Manager, Coffee Stain Studios. “Players are expected to expand their factories by razing gorgeous biomes, overcoming angsty wildlife, and efficiently exploiting local resources. Oh and we had Arachnophobia Mode before it was cool.”

Coffee Stain Studios has released several major updates during the game’s open development. In February of this year, Update 3 added a pipe & fluid system, a highly requested feature.

Satisfactory is available now on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) via Early Access.

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