Strategy sequel Evil Genius 2: World Domination is releasing later this year. To celebrate, developer Rebellion is giving away the original 2004 game for free on Steam.

To snag a free copy, you’ll need to click this link to the Rebellion website, and create a Rebellion ID login.

As the next step, link your Steam account to your Rebellion ID. You already have a Steam account, right?  Your Steam account will need to be set to public if it isn’t already. From there you can claim the free game.

If it’s your first time playing (or it’s been awhile), Rebellion has put together a helpful tips video (above). Rebellion released the original Evil Genius soundtrack for free last month.

In Evil Genius you take on the role of a James Bond-esque criminal mastermind. Carve out a secret base, hire minions for dastardly jobs, and construct deadly traps to deter would-be spies and secret agents. It was a well-received spiritual successor to base-building real-time strategy game Dungeon Keeper.

Rebellion announced a surprise sequel at the PC Gamer show during E3 2019. Evil Genius 2: World Domination has been in development since 2017, and due to release later this year on PC. News has been quiet since then. Expect Rebellion to unveil more of their sinister plans in the months leading up to release.

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