During the E3 2019 PC Gaming Show developer Rebellion announced a sequel to their 2004 strategy sim, Evil Genius. Evil Genius 2: World Domination will once again put players in the role of a classic 1960s Bond-style villain.

Your ultimate goal is to take over the world, but to do that you’ll need to build a doomsday device, and carve out a hidden underground lair. The gameplay is similar to Dungeon Keeper as you use minions to build rooms in your lair, recruit an army of evil-doers for dastardly missions, and repel any invading spies or heroes. You’ll be able to defend your lair with minions and traps such as shark pits and laser grids.

In addition to the reveal trailer, the developers provided a lengthier commentary video where they break down the trailer and explain how the game plays. It looks like a very close sequel to the original game, and the original was a fantastic twist on the strategy sim genre.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination is due to arrive in 2020 on PC. If you sign up for the newsletter at the official website, you can win access to the beta.

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