Evolution: The Video Game launched last year on PC, mobile, and Switch as a digital adaption of the classic 2014 board game. With the game’s direct ties to real-world evolution and science, North Star Games have released an educational spin-off.

Evolution: Education Edition is available for PC (Windows and Mac), Chromebook, and iPad, for $9.99. For the next 30 days, grab it for 50% off.

The educational version is designed for students ages 10 and up, including a tutorial to learn while playing. In the game, players create an entire species, modifying their size and population, and assign them a number of traits using cards such as burrowing, foraging, and horns. Players have to compete with one another to grab as much food (victory points) as possible each round. Species that can’t eat enough food will die off and go extinct.

Students will explore Evolution Island and progress through 21 different ecosystems, playing creatures with different traits and strategies for survival. Students can play against each other via multiplayer (chat is blocked), or challenge the AI in singleplayer.

The Evolution Edition also features Family Sharing and account switching, so a roomful of students can game on a single device. Schools buying in bulk can also receive a discount.

North Star Games also included lesson plans for parents and educators, including a How to Play slideshow presentation. Evolution: The Video Game (and Education Edition) is developed by North Star Digital Studios and published by North Star Games.

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