Picture-searching puzzle game Hidden Through Time has launched today on Steam (Win, Mac), PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, for $7.99. It’s also available on mobile devices (iOS, Android) for $2.99.

Hidden Through Time is a digital version of hide and seek. Players are given a series of objects and/or figures they need to find in the cute, cartoony worlds. It’s basically Where’s Waldo, except the pictures are fully animated.

Players will need to follow the clues and interact with different areas and objects, such as looking in houses, to find every picture. The game features four different eras, including Ancient Egypt and prehistoric.

A major draw is the map editor, which lets you make your own object-hidden puzzle screens. Custom levels can be uploaded and shared to the game’s cloud, where others can download and rate them.

Hidden Through Time is developed by Belgium studio Crazy Monkey Studios, and rated E for Everyone.

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