Maximize Your Living Space in The Sims 4: Tiny Living

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It’s time to experience our gradual dystopian future of teeny tiny living spaces in The Sims 4, with the upcoming Tiny Living Stuff Pack.

The Living Stuff pack adds a special residential lot that restricts home size to an extreme degree: 100 tiles, while adding new small-space friendly furniture. To compensate, Sims in tiny homes will receive unique benefits, such as reduced bills and relationship bonuses.

New furniture pieces includes a fold-up bed (known as a Murphy Bed) which includes a Loveseat and storage compartment. You’ll also find a new all-in-one entertainment center that includes a TV and stereo. Do Sims really still have stereos?

Finally it wouldn’t be a Stuff Pack without new clothes. The clothes in Tiny Living aren’t specifically themed, but allude to a “low-key lifestyle,” including sweaters and turtlenecks.

To celebrate the release, EA is hosting a Tiny Living contest between Jan. 7 and Jan. 13. To enter, simply create your own tiny home in The Sims 4 using the Gallery option. The single household lot must have everything a Sim needs, and be no bigger than 20×15. Winners will receive a free code for the Tiny Living Stuff Pack. Official rules can be found here.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack will release on January 21 on PC and Mac (Origin). It’s coming a few weeks later on Feb. 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Sims 4 is rated T for Teen.

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