Last year’s excellent Advance Wars-like indie strategy game Wargroove is getting its first DLC next month. Double Trouble will add new commanders, new units, and a whole new campaign you can play cooperatively. Best of all, it’s completely free, and coming Feb. 6 for PC, Switch, and Xbox One (PlayStation 4 coming soon).

The new story campaign in Double Trouble introduces the new Outlaw faction and its Commanders: maul-swinging Wulfar, mischievous twins Errol and Orla, and whip-master Vesper. These rogues find themselves in trouble and need to pull off a major heist. Their adventures will take them around the world, through the Palace of Heavensong and the Vaults of Cherrystone.

The campaign can be played solo or co-op, with both online and local couch co-op supported. Public and private multiplayer lobbies will also be added, and players can join in for custom campaigns online.

The new units are thieves and riflemen. Thieves can steal gold by ransacking enemy buildings. Rifleman can deal devastating long ranged attacks but you’ll need to carefully manage their limited ammo supply.

Double Trouble also adds new editor tools for the map editor, including modifying units and buildings, new gizmo objects like levers and chests, and a new volcano biome. The free DLC also includes a hefty balance patch, dropping the cost of Spearmen and Dogs and rebalancing some Commanders’ groove abilities.

Wargroove: Double Trouble will launch for free on Feb. 6 for PC (Steam), Switch, and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 release will be dropping “soon after,” with a date coming soon. Wargroove is rated E10+.

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