The first DLC for last year’s physics-based puzzle game Bridge Constructor Portal is arriving next week. The Portal Proficiency DLC will finally add the ability to place your own portals in addition to building bridges.

Portal Proficiency also features 30 new test chamber levels that will require proper portal placement in addition to structurally sound bridges and ramps. Or you could watch the poor stick figures collapse into acid, burn into laser grids, or get zapped by turrets. Aperture Science doesn’t mess around when it comes to test chambers. Complete all the new levels to earn the Golden Condolence Letter.

Bridge Constructor Portal launched last year as a re-theming of the Bridge Constructor puzzle series using the beloved Aperture Science laboratory from the Portal series. The original voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, also returns to helpfully guide and berate you along the way.

The task in each level is to get carts of stick figures from one point to another by building bridges that can maintain the weight. The base game includes 60 levels filled with gadgets from the Portal world, including repulsion gel, companion cubes, sentry turrets, and multiple two-way portals. As an added bonus, Bridge Constructor Portal includes the first two Bridge Constructor games.

The Portal Proficiency DLC launches November 12. Bridge Constructor Portal is available on PC (Steam, Mac, Linux), PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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