Borderlands 3 is getting a seasonal Halloween event called the Bloody Harvest. The Bloody Harvest kicks of tomorrow, October 24, and features new enemies, a new boss, and exclusive new loot.

You’ll need to have progressed far enough in the campaign to unlock the Sanctuary hub ship (about five hours). Once the Bloody Harvest begins, you’ll find a new friendly reptilian ally named Maurice, who will guide players through all of Borderlands’ seasonal events.

Maurice will task vault hunters with collecting Hecktoplasm from new ghostly Haunted enemies found throughout the galaxy. Haunted enemies have the ability to inflict Terror, which affects your vision and aim.

After collecting enough Hecktoplasm, Maurice will open a portal to a new world: Heck! Heck features a legion of undead soldiers, flying Rakk-o’-Lanterns, and blood-spewing Ratch. Make it past all of that and you’ll face off with the final boss, the skeletal Captain Haunt.

While taking down the spooky denizens of Heck, you’ll be able to snag some unique loot, including the legendary shotgun Fearmonger. New Anointed weapons will turn the Terror effect on your foes.

To earn the new unique seasonal cosmetic skins, you’ll have to complete a new set of challenges only available during the Bloody Harvest. There’s one new skin for each of the four Vault Hunters (including matching skins for Moze’s mech and Fl4k’s pets), as well as a new Echo Device skin, shrunken head Weapon Trinket, and a ghostly weapon skin. Each item will automatically unlock after completing a certain number of challenges.

The Bloody Harvest event begins October 24, and runs through December 5.

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