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Battle the Dark Arts in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Halloween Event

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Hogwarts is getting into the Halloween spirit. This October brings new Dark Arts-themed content to mobile RPG Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Hogwarts gets a full spooky makeover filled with pumpkins as well as the many ghosts of Hogwarts, including Nearly Headless Nick. Students will need to investigate the mysteries disappearance of their brother, and deal with different sinister threats like Boggarts depending on their school year.

Beginning around mid-October a new seasonal side quest will begin. A full moon rises and Hogwarts is invaded by dark forces. Students will need to use their defensive spells to combat them.

A special Dueling Club event will also be added. Melefors Jinx will allow you to transform your opponents heads into a pumpkin.

“This October, we’re exploring the darker side of Hogwarts,” said Josh Yguado, Jam City President and COO. “From the Halloween feast in the Great Hall, to our in-game events and side quests, players will have the chance to experience a full month of October festivities, ranging from fun to fearsome.”

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launched earlier this year on iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s been celebrated as a high quality mobile RPG that lets you customize your own wizarding student and attend classes at Hogwarts. It’s been criticized for limited energy and microtransactions. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases. It’s rated 12+.


Steam Halloween Sale 2017 Begins Today

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As was rumored, the Steam Halloween Sale has begun today. The focus is on Horror games and movies. You can find tons of discounted PC games, from AAA to indie. The sale lasts for about a week, ending November 1.

Here are some highlighted deals:

  • Dead by Daylight $9.99 (50% off)
  • DOOM $20.09 (33 % off)
  • Friday the 13th: The Game $19.99 (50% off)
  • Dying Light $19.99 (50% off)
  • Amnesia Collection $3.49 (90% off)
  • Alien Isolation $11.99 (70% off)
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer $2.99 (80% off)
  • Outlast $3.99 (80% off)
  • Grim Dawn $8.49 (66% off)
  • The Evil Within $9.99 (50% off)

Some big non-Horror games are also on sale:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – -Game of the Year Edition $19.99 (60% off)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved $29.99 (50% off)
  • Planet Coaster $24.74 (45% off)
  • Undertale $4.99 (50% off)
  • Tyranny $17.99 (60% off)
  • XCOM 2 $23.99 (60% off)

Note that some deals are definitely better over at GOG’s Halloween sale. Steam’s Walking Dead bundle costs $28.98, whereas GOG has the same bundle for $18.95. Most of their sale prices are comparable (Outlast is $1 cheaper on GOG).

As in previous years there don’t appear to be any flash deals or limited time offers. The big Summer and Winter sales involve Steam trading cards and sometimes little mini-games, but nothing for the poor little Halloween sale.

If you miss the sale, fear not. Steam will host a Black Friday sale right around Thanksgiving, and then of course there’s the big Winter sale at the end of the year. ‘Tis the season for building that backlog of games.

The Steam Halloween Sale ends November 1.