Nintendo’s newest mobile game is one of its most beloved franchises. Mario Kart Tour is launching on iOS and Android mobile devices on September 25.

Mario Kart Tour is an all-new Mario Kart game featuring special courses based on real world locations such as New York City, Tokyo, and Paris. Players can collect and use drivers, karts, and gliders from the Mario Kart series (which includes other Nintendo franchises). Some characters will get different outfits based on the real world city locations. Other courses will provide new takes on classic tracks from previous Mario Kart games.

“For the first time ever in a Mario Kart game, players can drive past giant Warp Pipes while drifting through a New York-inspired cityscape, all with the swipe of a finger,” said Nick Chavez, Senior Vice President, Nintendo of America. “Whether you’re an experienced Mario Kart pro or just getting your Mushroom Kingdom driver’s license, Mario Kart Tour is a game for everyone that brings some of Nintendo’s most beloved characters into the hands of players around the world.”

Like previous Nintendo mobile releases, Mario Kart Tour will be a free-to-start game with microtransactions. A free Nintendo Account is required to play Mario Kart Tour.

Pre-registration is available now on iOS and Android. It’s rated E for Everyone.

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