The Pokémon Company released a new gameplay trailer for upcoming mobile game Pokémon Masters. The trailer showcases the unique 3v3, real time battle system. Unfortunately we still didn’t get a release date, but Pokémon Masters is still scheduled for a Summer 2019 launch on iOS and Android mobile devices.

In Pokémon Masters each trainer picks a single partner Pokémon called a sync pair. Instead of collecting Pokémon, you collect trainers, who each come with their own signature Pokémon, such as Misty and Staryu. Battles are real time and take place between teams of three trainers each. Players can join others online to form a party and battle against AI opponents, and together they can unleash a special unity attack using their Pokémon.

Trainers can compete in the Pokémon Masters League tournament, which takes place on the artificial island of Pasio. Trainers, Gym leaders, and past Champions from every previous Pokémon game can be found on Pasio, having formed their own sync pairs to compete. Players will battle these teams to obtain badges and work their way toward becoming Champion of the Pokémon Masters League.

Revealed in the press release, though not the trailer, are Synga Suits. These are special outfits that trainers can wear that changes their partner Pokémon. If Brock wears a Synga Suit, for example, he exchanges his Onix for a Tyranitar.

Pokémon Masters is due to launch later this summer on mobile devices.

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