Asmodee Digital announced that co-op tabletop game Pandemic will be coming to Xbox One and Switch on August 1, for $19.99. Watch the live action announcement trailer above.

The digital version is based on the popular cooperative global disease-fighting board game, which was originally designed by Matt Leacock and released in 2008 by Z-Man Games. Pandemic was one of the first big co-op board games, and helped popularize the genre.

Players take on the roles of specialists such as researcher, scientist, and medic, each with their own unique powers. Players draw cards and move around the Earth attempting to eradicate a series of deadly outbreaks before entire continents are lost.

The game features five different difficulty levels and can be played single player with one player controlling multiple characters, or with up to four friends (five total players) via local multiplayer. Online multiplayer is not supported.

Arriving a month after launch in September is the On the Brink expansion, which will be divided into two separate paid DLC packs, which adds virulent strain diseases and new roles and events to add more replayability.

Pandemic will arrive on Switch and Xbox One on August 1. It’s also available on iOS and Android mobile devices and PC (Steam). Pandemic is rated E for Everyone.

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