Nintendo Prescribes Dr. Mario World to Mobile in July

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The newest Nintendo mobile game is Dr. Mario World, a match-3 puzzle game based on the original Dr. Mario NES game from 1990. Dr. Mario World will launch on iOS and Android mobile devices on July 10.

In Dr. Mario World you’ll have a limited number of capsules to eliminate viruses. Capsule colors must be matched to colored viruses to make them disappear. Capsules are dragged directly on the screen and float up to destroy any leftover viruses. The fewer capsules you need to use, the higher the score for each stage.

This time Mario isn’t the only doctor. Everyone in the mushroom kingdom has earned their PhD, letting players choose other characters like Dr. Peach and Dr. Bowser. Each doctor has a unique skill to help clear viruses.

The puzzle game features over 200 stages. New stages and doctors will be added regularly after launch.

Dr. Mario World includes both solo Stage Mode and multiplayer Versus Mode, where you can challenge other players one-on-one. To play stages in Stage Mode you’ll need hearts, which gradually refill over time, or can be purchased with microtransactions. Friends can earn and give hearts to each other.

Dr. Mario World will be launching as a free to download puzzle game for iOS and Android on July 10. Microtransactions in the form of purchasing Diamonds allow you to  refill hearts to play more stages, quickly unlock new doctors, and add more capsules and items. You can sign up to pre-register now on iOS and Android.

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