The Halloween seasonal event has finally arrived in digital card game Hearthstone. If you log in any time during the event, you’ll earn a free golden Witch’s Cauldron card, as well as one Arena ticket. The Hallow’s End event ends October 31.

The Arena has been transformed into the Great Hallow’s End Arena Costume Party. Each hero will be playing dress-up, meaning you can mix and match heroes and hero powers. The cards you’re offered will come from both your hero portrait and your hero power, letting you mix and match from two different classes.

If you were in the middle of an Arena run when the event started, it will be closed and you’ll receive the rewards, as well as an Arena ticket.

Hallow’s End will also add two new Tavern Brawls. The first, Monster Smash, runs from October 17 to 22. Take control of one of the monsters from The Witchwood’s Monster Hunt campaign.

The second brawl runs from October 24 to 29. In the Headless Horseman Rides Again, you’ll be given a costume with its own unique deck that combines cards from several different hero classes. Hallow’s End also adds a silly new Paladin hero, Sir Annoy-O, who is definitely playing dress-up.

You can purchase the Hallow! Hallow! Hallow! bundle for 20 Witchwood card packs, and as well as the Sir Annoy-O Paladin hero.

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