The new Bridge Constructor Portal 4.0 patch adds a highly requested feature: a level editor. It’s integrated through the Steam workshop, limiting it to the PC version. Players will be able to modify, design, and create their own test chamber challenges and share them via the workshop for others to download and tackle.

Bridge Constructor Portal is available on PC (Steam), as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s also coming to Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store this week, and will feature cross-save functionality with Xbox One, as well as shared achievements and stats. Note that it will not include the new level editor, as that feature is limited to the Steam version.

To further entice you toward the Steam version, Bridge Constructor Portal is currently on sale. It’s 50% off ($4.99) through October 19. Older Bridge Constructor games are 75% off.

Bridge Constructor Portal is a huge improvement over the original physics-based puzzle games. It utilizes the humorous Portal license in very clever ways, implementing laser fields, turrets, companion cubes, propulsion gel, and of course portals. And GLaDOSs’ signature mockery is there to guide you every step of the way. The goal is to guide a car from one to the other using suspension bridges, ledges, and inertia while avoiding the many hazards of each test chamber.

Bridge Constructor Portal is rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence.

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